...and it passes (Doppler) (2017)

Winner of NEC Honors Ensemble Competition 2018
Premiered by OWL Riot on May 8 in Jordan Hall - Boston, MA


Flute, Viola, Harp

About the piece

The classic example of the “Doppler effect” phenomenon is how a honking car sounds moving towards you and then moving away from you – there’s a change of pitch (and dynamic) according to us.   I use this effect literally in my piece in various motives, but I also take a more liberal meaning on this “Doppler effect”. 

I see the Doppler effect as three events.  Something comes from a distance.  Something arrives.  Something leaves.  I represent these events with three distinct sections. 

This also made me think -  many things in our lives arrive and then depart.  A simple hello and good-bye to a friend.  Falling in love and breaking up.  Eating food and taking a shit.  Regardless, it always leave a little different as a result.