Magic Pearl; an original shadow puppet production; 2018

  • Commissioned by Lincoln Center Education


In My Life There Is This Lullaby; Orchestra; 2019

syndrome; Orchestra; 2017

The Act of Forgiveness; Chamber Orchestra; 2017

Chamber Music

Say Amen, Say Amend; string quartet; 2019

Headfirst; soprano voice, flute, clarinet, string quartet; (in progress)

  • Commissioned by the Vietnamese American Society for Creative Arts and Music

Holy Mess; clarinet, violin, cello, piano; 2018

  • Commissioned by SOLI Chamber Ensemble for Alba Music Festival

...and it passes (Doppler); flute, viola, harp; 2018

  • Winner of NEC Honors Ensemble Competition

Ngan’s Sketches; percussion quartet; 2017

  • Commissioned by Boston Percussion Group

Flippant; woodwind trio - oboe, clarinet in Bb, bassoon; 2017

A Meditation On Sylva; flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, percussion; 2016

Vocal Music

Amoebas de Oliveras; mixed choir; 2018

Toy Boat; tenor voice and piano; 2018

  • Premiered by Matthew Shorten at Wintergreen Music Festival, July 2018

Selected Riddles of Middle Earth; baritone voice and piano; 2016

The Waking; tenor voice and piano; 2015

  • Performed April 29th, 2015

Electronic Music

A Planet Without a Star; fixed media; 2018